Pest Managment Professionals

Drain Maintenance?

Drop ceilings can act as rodents' freeways!  Thorough inspections and proper exclusion practices can help prevent and control such situations. Don't forget rodent droppings (feces) and urine require proper removal/disinfection techniques.

Memory Lane...

Continuous fly issues in a commercial kitchen. Previous company's solution was to add more fly lights. We were called to solve the problem. We found the breeding source in a drain which was hidden under a serving line.  We cleaned the drain with microbes, a "green cleaning" agent that breaks down organic matter naturally and is also labeled not to harm water treatment systems. Long story short...No more flies.

February 28, 1995. SBA Red Tape Cut Under Recent Lending Plan. Metro Pest Milwaukee and Houston.

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What's that sound? 

1986 Article in Milwaukee Journal. Banks reinvesting in local communities.

Mouse Washer. Really?

Memory Lane

Combination of Retail and Service

Opening Day as "Rid" 1977 Wisconsin

Strange things can definitely happen on the field. This certainly was one for the books- a mouse stuck in a top loading washing machine. Yes, the washer had clothes inside but at least no water.